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What's your policy on masks?

We wear masks during home consultations, deliveries and installation days for residential and home staging projects. We also wear masks at interior photography shoots. When it comes to sourcing products in store, Spaces for Life adheres to the measures in place and of course, we wear a mask there, too.

What's your policy on social distancing?

We adhere to the kantonal regulations on social distancing while in store and keep a safe distance during home visits. Wherever possible, we endeavour to carry out virtual meetings or phone conversations with our clients. This has actually always been part of our firm's environmental policy so we are very familiar with it.

Spaces for Life assumes no responsibility for the antics of third parties when it comes to adhering to Covid 19 regulations.

How will covid 19 impact my project? 

The biggest adjustment you'll have to make is have some extra patience since projects may take longer to complete than they did prior to the pandemic. Factors such as not being able to go on big holidays, the lack of social events to attend in person and working from home, have left people with a need, the desire and the possibility to improve their home interior. 

This, in turn, has resulted in never before seen order quantities and online purchases in our industry, which means that you need to prepare yourself for some delays and unpredictability. Why? Well, in the case of retail and wholesale brands, items have been sold out and are therefore out of stock, on back order; when it comes to designer items and to the trade services, delays have to do with the bulk of custom orders and logistics: there are simply not enough trucks, drivers and hours in the day to cover the map as quickly as they used to but they are doing an amazing job! Contractors may also have their own busy schedule, so making an appointment with them for an installation can take a few days longer.

How do you get around these challenges? 

We endeavour to manage time expectations by providing you with a realistic timeline from the moment you reach out for an initial consultation. We focus on finalising our design choices, concepts and furniture lists promptly, as we would normally do, and then keep you up to date as we hear from our providers and contractors regarding orders and installations for our project.

We understand that interior decorating is beyond exciting and that you want to see the final results, so we are prepared to make the occasional exception such as having a single item delivered to your address or one element of the concept installed (window treatments in certain spaces, for example), so that you can get a sense of traction and appreciate the progress if the wait is relatively long.

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