There are so many services available, I’m not sure which one is right for me…


Yes, that’s true. Every client has specific needs for their home so the different packages have been uniquely developed to cater to those needs. Simply reach out and describe your design situation and we will point you in the right direction! You can contact us via email at

Do I have to pay to receive information about packages or a client questionnaire?


No, you don’t: information about our services is free and there are no strings attached. After reading the information, you decide whether Spaces for Life is right for you and would like to proceed.

On Demand Services haven’t been described in great detail, how can I find out more?


That’s right, these services are client-specific, so describing them in detail gets too complicated. If you’re interested in finding out more, please get in touch and we will send you the relevant information:

If I decide to hire your services on an hourly basis, what’s the current rate?

An hour with me is jam-packed with information. The hourly rate is CHF 150.-

am moving/have just moved to Switzerland and am feeling overwhelmed settling in, can you help me with my home?

Yes, yes, yes! Would love to do that. As a foreigner myself, I understand exactly how you’re feeling. Whether you wish to design an interior from scratch, style your furniture into place, get organised or you just need a few tips as to where to shop for your home, we're the perfect choice for you!

How does the Design Service Package work?

In three phases. Planning, sourcing and execution.

Planning consists of designing a concept that works, agreeing on the materials necessary and creating a floor plan. In the Sourcing phase, I place orders, buy materials and prepare any crafts required. Depending on the project, at this stage I also contact other contractors: electrician, floor or furniture specialist, seamstress, etc. Execution is the point where everything comes together, this make take one or a couple of days.

How do you keep track of your work?

On very detailed spreadsheets.

What do you mean by Materials?

Materials are all the elements required to bring a space to life. Examples include, but are not limited to, area rugs, furniture, window treatments, lighting, decorative articles, throws, pillows, plants, paint, sewing supplies, craft supplies, nails, screws, cleaning products, etc.

Materials are charged at market value and payable in full before the sourcing phase starts.

Do you have your own team of contractors?

Based on my experience and the travel costs around Switzerland, it is best to contact local trade professionals, so no, I don't have a specific team. Bringing my electrician from Zürich to Schaffhausen proves too costly as opposed to sourcing a professional in the area. Sometimes clients wish to use contractors with whom they are already familiar.

Are contractors' fees included in the project budget?

No, they bill you separately as they are not employees of Spaces for Life Interiors.

Do you have a fixed list of suppliers/vendors?

No, I don’t. Although I do have a list of vendors I work with and preferred brands /stores I source my products from, if you’re particular about using a certain name, I’m open to exploring new options.

How long does the process take until completion?

Spaces for Life prides itself on delivering great interiors promptly. This means that the quicker we agree on the appropriate concept, the quicker the sourcing phase is set in motion. After that, it’s only a matter of waiting for our orders. The execution phase will be carried out once all the elements have arrived.

Do you undertake comprehensive kitchen and/or bathroom renovations?

Not yet. 

Can I contact you via whatsapp?

In the interest of productivity and clarity, I prefer communications via email or telephone. So please, no text or whatsapp messages.

What does the Styling Package include?

Styling is designed to make your interior more appealing to the eye undertaking minor updates. 

This means that there’s no planning with new elements involved. The package includes an onsite consultation where we decide which spaces to tackle and I take photographs and measurements. I then create a floor plan and use my experience to make the best with what you’ve got. It’s a makeover style service, creating the major impact possible with what already exists at home.

I would like you to style my home so I can advertise it for rent or sale online. Can you photograph the interior for us?

Yes. In fact, I love photographing my projects. I believe that transmitting moments and feelings is a lot more effective when communicating with prospective clients than focusing on the size of a space. Please contact me for more information specific to this service.

I have more questions…

If I haven’t addressed all your questions here, no worries. Please forward me your inquiry via email at I look forward to hearing from you!