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My mother's gift to turn the ordinary into extraordinary

I like to admit that my home has been a big contributor to all my achievements. When you live in an organised, clutter-free, beautifully decorated space, you're able to concentrate, think clearly, be creative, rest well, socialise, and so much more!

It is my mother who, unknowingly, instilled a love for warm spaces in me. We didn't have much when I was growing up but she always allowed me to decorate my own spaces no matter how small they were. My home was my haven and I considered myself lucky to get to go back there at the end of every day. 

She has taught me that it's not how much you have, but what you have, what it means to you and how you keep it that makes the difference. That's how I know that creating a home that makes your life easier and contributes to your success is something that can be done on a budget and with very few things if necessary. Looking back, I see that my mum created that timeless, inviting feel with nothing more than her innate sheer talent, so the fact that she sometimes now turns to me for decorating advice is an enormous compliment. 

Billy Baldwin

My favourite designer of all time for his ability to create interiors that were as modern and relevant sixty years ago as they are today. In particular I admire his talent for placing furniture around any room in very creative ways, thereby utilising every square inch of the space. I regularly resort to similar versions of the three classic signature pieces you see on the photo.  

My favourite design showroom in the whole world

Years ago, when I first moved to Sydney, Australia, I was walking home from work when a stunning shop window caught my eye. It went for what seemed like forever, and with each step forward I took, I discovered new furniture sets, spaces, a dream world: what I always dreamt my home would look like one day. Since then, that store has been my favourite. The name? Coco Republic.

For years I made it a habit to catch the bus at the stop in front of the store while I was studying Law and heading to my lectures, or wandered through the displays for hours when I had a day off. I would then go home and try to replicate what I saw with my own very few pieces of furniture in our tiny one bedroom flat. 

Although my decorating style is not exactly the same, the designs from Coco Republic still remain an inspiration to me today. I remember the Crows Nest store as the most elegant, timeless and beautiful showroom I have even been to and consider the brand a beacon of groundbreaking style. 

Jen and Gary's Chicago condo in the movie The Break-Up

I often find inspiration to try out new colour combinations in movies. The combination of earthy tones that decorate this movie set appeals to me because it is versatile, it is easy to bring in new pieces that will fit in with the rest of the rooms' furniture and accessories. In addition, I am a big fan of ambiance lighting, and there is plenty of that in this space. Other personal favourites when it comes to movie homes are Sandra Bullock's Memphis family home in The Blind Side; and Merryl Streep's home in It's Complicated.

Descovering new stores when I travel

I love walking into new Home Decor shops when I'm out of town. I could spend hours marvelling at a new item and wondering if I actually have any space at home so I can take it with me. Decorative items are a great way of bringing home a more original type of souvenir that will remind you of that place any time you set eyes on it or use it. Here are a couple of finds from Casa I couldn't leave Pontarlier, France without.

The ever-changing gorgeous view from our balcony

The ever-changing panorama that the lake and the mountains offer provide an enormous source of inspiration in the everyday decor of my home and, depending on the season, for projects that I am working on. 

The Home Book, Creating a Beautiful Home of your Own, by House Beautiful

Have you ever been asked the question: If you were stuck in an island, what three items would you wish you had with you? Well, this is one of my favourite possessions! It would definitely be on my list. I browse though the pages of this book every chance I get and always seem to draw a new idea to apply either at home or in my work. American timeless style is one of my inspirations: comfortable sofas, colour, rich soft furnishings and warmth are at the top of my list when I imagine a space and this book is bursting with ideas to bring that to life. 

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