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Horgen, Zh

We were in the process of building our new home and I was so fortunate to have met Analia during that time.  I knew immediately that she would be the perfect person to help us with our home décor.  We specifically wanted her expertise in designing our two teenage daughter’s bedrooms as this was the first time our daughters would each have their own room.  
Analia met with the girls and began the design process by first getting to know them and learning what their goals and wishes were.  She built an “idea board” with them based upon these goals and wishes and managed to fulfill all the hopes the girls had and created their dream rooms!  Analia decorated the rooms exactly to their liking by analyzing their personalities and learning about their hobbies and storage needs.  
Analia’s attention to detail and her wish to fulfill each client’s desires demonstrates the dedication she has to her work!  For example, our youngest daughter enjoys painting and drawing and wanted to incorporate her artwork into her room.  Analia came up with the brilliant idea of using my daughter’s own artwork to decorate one of the walls in her room.  Analia managed to find just the right frames for the artwork at a broki and custom painted them herself so that they were both unique and just the right color for the bedroom!  They look amazing and really compliment the room perfectly and at the same time showcase her work!
Our oldest daughter’s bedroom had a corner area that wasn’t being utilized and Analia turned it into a makeup station that my daughter wanted but thought would not fit in the room!  She also wanted a room that was light, airy and with a romantic theme.  Analia used different textiles and prints to allow the sunlight to come in but also give her some privacy and give the room a cozy romantic feel.
Analia was able to create stylish storage solutions and stayed right within our budget.
She was an absolute joy to work with and I am very much looking forward to working with her on additional projects in our home in the future!  


Horgen, Zh
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