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Certified Professional and Member of the Home Staging Association Switzerland

Home Staging is not a regulated industry so, in order to ensure you are getting a quality service, invest in a professional who is fully trained, certified as Real Estate Staging Professional and insured. In addition, we are members of the HSVS (Home Staging Verband Schweiz), the trade association for home staging professionals recognised by the IAHSP (International Association for Home Staging Professionals). 

Our Predictable Process

Our process is the same whether we stage occupied and vacant properties, independent of the number of spaces to stage and whether you are renting items from our inventory or not.

We will schedule a 2-hour Home Staging Consultation on location and provide you with a report of our recommendations to best showcase your home for sale within 48 hours.

We will create a Home Staging plan including floor plans and a list of furniture and accessories for each space to stage.

On the scheduled date, our team will transport the selected furniture and accessories to the property and stage every space according to our plan. 

In cases where we have used rental inventory, once the property sells or the agreed 

rental period comes to an end, we will de-stage and return our items to our storage facility.

We own our Home Staging Inventory

That's right. We own a range of contemporary furniture and accessories available for rental, no minimum amount required. This gives us the flexibility to stage vacant and/or occupied properties, and to create a unique design for each home. For you, this means that you get both your home staging service and inventory all under one roof: no additional contracts between you and third party furniture providers. 

We offer Real Estate Photography Services

Analía is a qualified decorator and trained interior photographer, which means that not only can you get your property staged with us, but you also benefit from professional photography services with Analía's great eye for detail and sense of style to ensure your brochures stand out from the rest. Discover our architectural photography portfolio here.

We can help you beyond Home Staging! 

Do you need help settling into your new home after the sale? Spaces for Life Interiors offers a wide range of styling, window treatment, and home decorating services to fall in love with your new home. Find out more here.

And of course, we are nice!

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