what makes us different

At Spaces for Life we know that decorating in Switzerland is special and understand the unique challenges you face when designing a warm, western-style interior. We also know how to overcome those challenges in order to create the meaningful, inviting home of your dreams.

When we moved to Zürich from Sydney, Australia over eight years ago, and before I started designing 

for a living, I had to decorate our own family house first. I drove hundreds of kilometres in search of lamps and accessories, learnt to sew and mix my own paint colours to achieve the look I wanted. I stressed over room sizes and features, slanted low ceilings, unfriendly flooring, popcorn walls, lack of natural light, inaccessible brands, design styles that didn't match mine, long delivery times and exorbitant costs. Sometimes, one of the challenges may be the language itself. However, and despite the frustrations, I succeeded in creating a beautiful, welcoming home that our friends, family and I love. Spaces of Life is not only an expression of my talent but also a tool to share the knowledge and expertise gained through the years with others.

In business since 2018 and having transformed dozens of spaces already, I am confident that creating the

home you dream of is possible and fun. I have established a network of trusted brands as well as partners

instrumental in delivering that welcoming interior you're after, and have developed a predictable process that keeps you up to date and in the loop from start to finish.

You will fall in love with your home!

At Spaces for Life we understand our changing weather and beautiful surroundings, so we can design spaces that look good in every setting, not just against the backdrop of endless sunny days.