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Estate of Sophistication

Project Estate of Sophistication was literally born out of the black flooring you see in the photographs.

Our wonderful clients, a couple based in the Basel area, reached out before they purchased this home asking whether I could help them with the special flooring should they decide to go for it.

The answer was: Of Course! This challenge would actually present us with the opportunity to design something truly original.


The project was a huge success thanks to the open-mindedness of my clients, who embraced the idea of integrating the black floors by bringing in more black accents, in particular, the black curtain rods and a large black high pile rug in the living room. Once we overcame 'the challenge,' we were able to concentrate on the exceptional features of this home, like dressing the traditional windows, anchoring the living room with a round mirror above the mantel, and decorating a hexagonal entertaining space with four large armchairs instead of the standard sectional set up. Our premise was to let the architecture of the house guide us. From the classic white Farrow & Ball walls to the modern lighting, we we were able to create a contemporary blend of features and new and existing furniture that is truly unique and meaningful to my clients. 

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