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our philosophy 

At Spaces for Life we believe: 

that Home is where it all starts;

that great style doesn't have a price tag;

that decorating in Switzerland has its unique perks;

that no one should live in a home they don't love;

that our Home is the most powerful tool we possess to propel us forward and help us achieve anything we want in life;

that designing a home is fun!

our mission

At Spaces for Life we are committed to 

bringing your dream interior to life so that you can focus on the things that really matter to you;

communicating clearly and respectfully with our clients, contractors and providers;

delivering more than expected, always;

sustainable design;

making you fall in love with your home.

Schlafzimmer 10.JPG
Entryway after.JPG

social conscience

Caring for the environment and social integration through design are causes very close to my heart.

So, every few months, and in collaboration with the town council, Spaces for Life Interiors volunteers to decorate the home ofa refugee family or a family in need of social help, entirely on 

donations, thereby preventing the unnecessary disposal of perfectly 

fine furniture and accessories, and bringing joy to people through the uplifting power of a beautiful home.

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