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Analia saved my sanity! Really! I was a frustrated xpat decorator living in Zurich and having a really hard time finishing our new apartment. We had been living in our apartment for two years and still did not have a coffee table and many other items. I had hired several decorators here who were married to “their store” and wouldn’t even budge to buy ANYTHING anywhere else. Do I go with all Möbel Pfister? Or how about all Interio? Want to buy hand towels that match at Zara home – oh no! not possible!

So when lovely Analía, who is not Swiss, walked into my life, I was over the moon. She has been a total pleasure to work with and as I write this, I FINALLY have a gorgeous, beautiful home that is finished. She was able to source everything I needed at incredibly low prices that were also quickly delivered (no waiting 5 months!!!) She found solutions, sent me links to buy items myself, or would buy, deliver and install items I wanted her to “just get it done.”

On top of that she is fun to work with, has great taste and style and is so enthusiastic.

Thank you Analia for saving me from totally giving up! You are the best.

Leslie Kuster, Männedorf ZH


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