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Analía Lazzari is the founder of Spaces for Life Interiors, a firm catering to successful professionals around Lake Zürich and beyond, and highly recommended amongst expats. She's the only decorator in the area with a background in Law and Academia.

Specialising in dramatic home transformations without the hassle of long and costly structural renovations, she is renowned for her outstanding attention to detail and her ability to deliver amazing results within time and budget. An expert at combining items from retail chains with unique custom-made pieces from local and international trade vendors, her designs ooze originality and meaning.

Clients choose words like inspirational, humble, stylish, talented, professional, organised, trustworthy, and fun to describe her. Analía oversees every aspect of her projects, and has been known to paint entire rooms and even bring her sewing machine to the final install ‘just to get the last detail right.’ Company clients include corporate professionals in the finance, banking, sustainability, IT and aviation fields; relocation and real estate agents; lawyers, entrepreneurs and teachers, writers and singers.

Analía first realised she had a special gift for design when she made extra money as a babysitter for ‘leaving the house better than she found it.’ Parents began to hire her more for her styling talents than her babysitting skills.

Prior to launching Spaces for Life Interiors in Switzerland in 2018, Analía lived in Argentina, the United States and Australia, where she was a lecturer at the University of Sydney for almost a decade. This unique history is evidenced by her ‘warm western design aesthetic.’ Fluent in English, Spanish, German and Italian, she employs a network of independent industry contractors to bring her concepts to life and is well versed in the brands that deliver her niche design aesthetic, positioning her as a leader in western style interiors. The company has recently incorporated Home Staging to its list of services.

A passionate architectural photographer and speaker about the power of beautiful interiors in our lives, her work has been featured in Remax publications, and her blog has appeared on various online affiliations. Analía is the first decorator collaborating regularly with a City Council to beautifully design the homes of refugee families entirely on donations, thereby blending her love for interiors and her interest in International Law.  


In 2021 and 2022 Analia worked as art director and in-house photographer for the iconic design house Zingg-Lamprecht in Zürich.


During her time in the corporate world of design, she became acquainted with high end brands and the practices of the luxury design industry. Her duties took her around Europe in search of trends and niche products. Her collaborations with architects, designers and other industry photographers further highlighted and cemented Analia's skills as interiors stylist. Her work as in-house photographer has appeared on various digital and print publications.

In 2023, after a rewarding stint in corporate design and sales, Analia decided to return to her own business in order to pursue her industry goals and dreams guided by her own values in service of her clientele.

Analía is a certified RESP (Real Estate Staging Professional), a member of the Home Staging Association Switzerland (HSVS) and the Swiss-Australian Chamber of Commerce. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation from the University of El Salvador in Buenos Aires, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the University of Sydney, where she graduated with class honours. She has completed an introduction to architecture by the IE School of Architecture and Design, and obtained her decorating diploma from the Home Styling Academy Zürich.


In her free time, Analía can be found playing golf or tennis with her husband, enjoying activities with her volleyball team, taking a Sunday nap, skimming through her extensive collection of international design magazines, or watching movies with her teenage sons.

"I strongly believe that our home is the most powerful tool we possess to steer us in any direction we wish to go, the first step in any journey to success. And I am thankful to be a part of this industry because when I work on a project, I don't just select pretty furniture: I change lives." Welcome to Spaces for Life Interiors, and prepare to fall in love with your home!

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