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Analia is the founder and creative force behind Spaces for Life Interiors, a boutique interior design studio in Wädenswil, highly recommended amongst the expat community in Zurich.

Specialising in dramatic home transformations without the hassle of long and costly structural renovations, she is renowned for her outstanding attention to detail and her ability to deliver amazing results within time and budget. An expert at combining clients' existing items with unique custom-made pieces from local and international exclusive vendors, her designs ooze originality and meaning.

Clients choose words like inspirational, stylish, talented, professional, organised, trustworthy, and fun to describe her. Analia oversees every aspect of her projects, and has been known to repaint entire rooms and even bring her sewing machine to the final install ‘just in case.’ Amongst some of her clients are corporate professionals in the finance, banking, sustainability, IT and aviation industries; relocation agents & realtors; lawyers, entrepreneurs, teachers, and published authors.

Analia first realised she had a gift for design when she made extra money as a babysitter for ‘leaving the house better than she found it.’ Parents began to hire her more for her styling talents than her babysitting skills!

Prior to launching Spaces for Life Interiors in 2018, Analia lived in Argentina, the United States and Australia, where she was a lecturer at the University of Sydney for almost a decade. This unique life journey is evidenced in her ‘international European design style.’ Fluent in English, Spanish, German and Italian, she employs a network of independent industry contractors to bring her concepts to life and is well versed in the brands that deliver her niche design aesthetic, positioning her as a leader in western style interiors and appealing to expats.

She's a passionate speaker about the power of beautiful interiors in our lives as well as a professional architectural photographer whose work has been featured in esteemed real estate publications.


Analia Lazzari interior designer in Zurich
Analia Lazzari interior designer at the Ritz in Paris

In early 2021 Analia accepted an opportunity to join Zurich's iconic luxury Zingg-Lamprecht stores as their art director and in-house photographer.


During her time in the corporate world of design, she became acquainted with high-end brands & the practices of the luxury design industry. Her duties took her around Europe in search of trends and niche products. Her collaborations with architects, designers & industry photographers further highlighted and cemented Analia's unique talent & skills as designer & stylist. Her work as interior photographer featured Das ideale Heim, Raum & Wohnen and other digital and print publications.

In 2023, after a rewarding stint in corporate design and sales, Analia decided to return to Spaces for Life Interiors in pursuit of her own business goals, and to further develop her signature design aesthetic in service of her clientele.

Analia is a certified Real Estate Staging Professional, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts & Translation from the University of El Salvador in Buenos Aires, & a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the University of Sydney, where she graduated with class honours. She has completed an introduction to architecture by the IE School of Architecture and Design, and obtained diploma in design consulting from the Home Styling Academy Zürich.


In her free time, Analia can be found playing golf or tennis with her husband, enjoying activities with her volleyball team, working in the garden, or taking a Sunday nap. Her biggest pride is her family, Analia has two sons, one of whom lives in Australia, and the other _ quite literally in the air _ since he already has a glider pilot's license. 

"I believe that our home is the most powerful tool to steer us in any direction we wish to go, the first step in any journey to success. And I am thankful to be a part of this industry because when I work on a project, I don't just select pretty furniture: I change lives." 

Analia Lazzari's signature
interior photographer Analia Lazzari in a field

It all started with our own decorating success story 

When we moved to Zürich from Sydney, Australia almost 13 years ago, and before I started decorating for a living, I had to design our own house first. I drove hundreds of kilometres in search of lamps and accessories, learnt to sew and mix my own paint colours to achieve the look I wanted. I stressed over room sizes and features, slanted low ceilings, unfriendly flooring, popcorn walls, lack of natural light, inaccessible brands, design styles that didn't match mine, long delivery times and exorbitant costs. Sometimes, the challenge was simply having to speak a brand new language. However, and despite my frustrations, I succeeded in creating a beautiful, welcoming home that our friends and family love to this day. Spaces of Life is not only an expression of my passion but also a tool to share with others the knowledge and expertise gained over the years. I know what it's like to move to Switzerland and I understand what it takes to decorate a western style home. 


At Spaces for Life we love Switzerland and embrace its distinct seasons

Yes! We understand our changing weather and celebrate the special beauty around us, so we can design spaces that look good in any setting because we draw inspiration from our surroundings for our concepts. The result is a home that feels warm, inviting and unique against any backdrop and not just that of endless sunny days.

We don't always need to knock down walls, right?

We get it: carrying out a full renovation is not always possible. Perhaps you don't have the desire or the budget for it, or you may be living in a rental property. So, we apply the principles of interior design and to completely transform your space without large disruptive structural work.

We understand integrating your existing pieces into the new design

We understand that things do matter and that certain pieces in your home may mean a lot to you. So, our goal is to offer you a redesign concept that takes those pieces into account and incorporates them into your new interior seamlessly, as long as they are still in good working order, of course! 

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