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Studio Spaces for Life

I started Spaces for Life from my son's bedroom _ because he had a brand new Mac _ back in 2018.

As my business grew, Studio Spaces for Life was born out of the need for a large creative space that would act as a receiver when working on sizeable decorating projects and a beautiful storage facility for my styling and photography props. I also needed a welcoming space with lots of room for meetings with clients, a place where creativity would flow, where we could create real mood boards, test fabrics, visualise furniture size and dream up potential ideas.


The studio would also become a classroom, a place where I could host design events and share my decorating knowledge in workshops and seminars. Last but not least, I wanted an office, my home away from home, so to speak, a place where I could keep my documents organised, where I could browse through my collections of design magazines, books and catalogues. A place where I would love to work, conceptualise designs for my clients and do the odd craft _ repaint a frame, sew a small curtain...

A tall order. And with all these needs in mind, I set off to look for the perfect space.

I looked for months without any luck. So imagine my happiness when I saw these images on a real estate site:

I knew I had found my dream space!

Studio Spaces for Life would be located in a converted atelier previously the home of a musical drums company, originally the infirmary of the iconic Metall Fabrik in Wädenswil, Kanton Zurich. I would need all the help I could get. My son's help painting and my husband's muscle to assemble heavy furniture and assist in the move were invaluable.

From the moment I received the keys to the day I was ready to open its doors, it was early mornings and late nights at the studio. All hands on deck. Cleaning light fixtures, windows and tiles, drawing baseboards by hand, removing unwanted items, painting ceilings, floors, doors, furniture and window frames, installing shelves for storage, sewing curtains, organising... it was a pleasure to work on. Towards the end, we saw the vision start to turn into reality...


Here's a look back at the renovation:

Putting some muscle and always a smile into it...

The Vision & the Elements

From the get-go I was clear on the concept for my studio. I knew I wanted a space that was neutral enough to adapt to my different clients where they could visualise the elements for their interiors. Albeit neutral, the studio had to showcase my own decorating style: natural, combining custom-made pieces with inexpensive items for originality, warm, oozing meaning and personality. The stage was set for a place where I love to work everyday and where I am proud to welcome clients and guests.

My mood board featured greenery: it was important to me to work in an inspiring, dynamic space and plants provide that natural vibrancy. I went for a handsome white sofa that we could combine with countless pillow fabrics, rugs, throws, side tables and lamps. It would also withstand fading. On my list was black paint to update furniture and windows. Black elevates an interior and if used correctly, it can make any space more elegant. The show stopper would be a Belgian custom-made solid oak table that would serve as the main work surface and where meetings would be held. 

Studio Spaces for Life today...

Export 06.01.24-3070.jpg

... is a vibrant, creative space where dream designs come to life. A place where meetings with clients and suppliers take place, an ecosystem of fabrics, samples, design books and magazines, products and sketch pads co-inhabit to generate the most unique ideas. Due to its generous size, the studio is also the delivery address for furniture arriving before project installations and a decor store full of wonderful accessories.

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