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I am humbled to share this with you and grateful to Esther for believing that I have something of value to contribute to the topic of living without fear. 


If you’re like me, when you listen to someone else speak, you imagine what your own answers would have been to the same questions. So not only do you absorb information from the speaker, but you also gain some true insight into your own knowledge and beliefs. This is the introspective value of spiritual podcasts. They provide you with a lot of food for thought. 


In our conversation, Esther and I use my personal journey to touch on the following:

  • pivotal moments that define our direction in life;

  • transitioning from an academic career to a creative one;

  • how to recognise and use fear it to propel us forward;

  • a very easy technique to overcome fear drawing from our own personal experiences;

  • the greatest fear of all.


This dialogue got me thinking about the way other people would have answered the questions posed to me. If you have a listen, I’d love to hear some of your answers or any related comments you may have on the topic.


I dedicate this podcast episode to my friends and family that put up with me and my crazy ideas growing up; to my husband, for being the rock I can always lean on; to my best friend, for the hours she’s dedicated to me and my business; to my past and current clients, who continue to believe in my work; and to my children, who are my endless source of inspiration.


Dear Esther, thanks for this extraordinary opportunity and congratulations on your work empowering people to live without fear!

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