there are many ways to fall in love with your home

interior design

I believe in the uplifting power of beautiful interiors and that everyone should have access to affordable design advice.


My passion is to create spaces that are not only beautiful and functional, but also meaningful to my clients. I approach every project with a very open mind, focusing on their likes and preferences. And nothing makes me happier than designing an interior that suits my client 100 percent!

The fact that I can paint, sew, shop, update and assemble furniture, mount wall fittings, do crafts and project-manage other professionals that may be involved, means that makeovers are done quickly and transformations appear dramatic. 

Whether you are looking for ideas to redesign a space from the start or you want to refresh your existing interior with expert advice and on a budget, this service is for you! 

home consultations

Would you like to update a space in your home but are unsure where to start? 

Do you need help selecting a paint colour, a window treatment, or a few details that will bring a room to life? Are you after some tips to style or maximise the use of your space?

Then this is the perfect option for you: a two-hour on site visit, jam-packed with information and ideas that you can put into action immediately. 

home staging

Also referred to as Property Styling, staging is designed to maximise the aesthetic appeal of a space. Projects range from styling completely empty properties to simply adding fresh flowers or repositioning a sofa in an existing furnished interior. 

Whether you are planning to advertise a property for sale, rent or seasonal stays such as on Airbnb, Booking, etc; or whether you wish to enhance the beauty and potential of your own home, then Styling is the perfect choice for you.

on demand

Regular Styling Packages.

Ready-made Curtain Service.

Shopping Companion In-Store.

Furniture and Accessories Shopping Service.

Personalised Hand-made Crafts.

Light Paint Jobs and Furniture Updates.

Help getting your home ready after Relocating.

home organisation

When it comes to home organisation these days, we have been made to feel that we always need more: more space, more storage, more boxes. However, I believe that what we need is less stuff and simple ways to access it.

I can help you declutter and devise a tailored home organisation system that works for you and fits your lifestyle.  

I am a firm believer that the power of good organisation can immediately improve our lives, have a positive impact on our self-esteem and save us a lot of time and money.