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spaces for life interiors is the first of its kind boutique interior design studio located on the shores of lake zurich. we work with international clients based in switzerland to deliver custom interiors that elevate their quality of life. with former lawyer & published architectural photographer analia lazzari as creative director, as well as an exclusive team of local and european partners, we take our clients on a stress-fee journey that culminates in functional, beautiful & meaningful interiors boasting our signature modern & relaxed design aesthetic.

zurich interior designer Analia Lazzari

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there's still time to get your outdoor space ready for summer!

We are proud to announce that Spaces for Life has recently added bespoke Italian brand Talenti Outdoor Living to our portfolio, allowing us to design one-of-a-kind open air spaces that not only ooze personality but are highly functional too. 

Come by the studio to discover their catalogues and their complete material selection. No strings attached!

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Interior Designer Analia Lazzari opening a curtain

find out what our clients say...

Analia is astonishing. When I asked her to visit my studio to make it a cosy and safe place for my clients, it took her only 10 minutes to register everything that needed to be fixed or changed. The changes she proposed seemed small but were highly effective. Analia has a gift to see a house or room as it's meant to be at a glance.

Daniel Gasser, Rämismühle ZH

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