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In my years as interior decorator and architectural photographer, it still blows my mind that private interior photography hasn’t become a more prominent service. We love to invest in professional shoots to remember special moments in our lives such as weddings, births, the arrival of a new pet, memorable holidays, family occasions, children’s milestones… So why don’t we use the same approach when it comes to our homes, especially since so many of those cherished experiences happen exactly right there?

Personally, I’ve been photographing my home in time since as far back as I can remember. And it brings me nothing but joy to reenter those spaces, even when not every single memory associated with the space was sweet.

On a less personal note, my clients love it when they receive photos of their very own home as if it was showcased in an interior design magazine.

armchair and white vase in Swiss home

From our "Küsnacht Grand" Project.

In this article, I reveal everything there is to know about private interior photography for our Swiss homes.

Who is private interior photography for?

  • Anyone who loves their home and cherishes the sentimental value it holds for them;

  • Anyone who feels proud of their style and decorating flair;

  • Real estate agents wishing to give clients a meaningful parting gift if they know the home was a happy place for them;

  • Interior designers. Very often clients wish to see how their designer lives, it is a huge source of inspiration and a guide for them. Who can be a better client for professional private shoots than designers themselves! A walk the talk sort of situation.

a wooden table and flowers in lake Zurich home

From our "Lake Oasis" Shoot.

When should you get your home professionally photographed?

  • If you are moving out of your current home, and assuming it holds precious memories for you, this is a great time to do it. You know that wherever you’re moving and even if you keep the same furniture, it will never be the same. Make sure you treasure those spaces for years to come!

  • If your home, or part thereof, just underwent a renovation or redesign, this is a great time to do it, too! Interiors never look as good and neat as when they’ve been freshly restyled after a project. In addition, you want to catch all new materials in their best form!

  • Any time you feel love and appreciation for your home is the right time to do it!

a scandinavian dining room in Richterswil

From our "The True Scandinavian" Shoot.

Why should you get your home photographed?

  • Because our home is the one place in the world that holds our story, it reflects who we are, what you like, how you live. It’s the place where we create memories daily, where we grow, where we can be ourselves.

  • Because it is as important as those life milestones, except that it’s with us all along the way and not just in one special occasion.

  • Because when you look at the picture of a space that means something to you, all the memories come rushing in! The smells, materials, time, style, phase of our lives, it can all be captured in that one shot.

artwork and furniture in a Swiss home

From our "Park Elegance" shoot.

What are some of the things you can do with the final images?

  • You can save them in a digital gallery and have them available to you at all times to share with family and friends, especially if they live far away;

  • You can turn them into a bespoke photo book, have it printed and display it as your very own coffee table book;

  • You can print out one or more of the photos, have them framed and displayed or turned into a gallery wall. This works great in your new home to remind you of the good-old special moments and is a unique conversation starter;

  • Who knows, they might make a great gift for a family member!

  • If you ever decide to sell art or quality furniture, those photos will only help!

  • If you’re an architect or designer, you may use photos of your home to illustrate an idea or to connect with clients and transmit your own way of life.

bolia furniture and white curtains in a Swiss home

From our "At Home in Richterswil" Shoot.

What should a Private Home Gallery include?

A great mix of

  • Room images, the wider-angle shots showcasing an entire space or area;

  • Vignettes showcasing ‘moments’ around your home, shots focusing on smaller corners, special spaces;

  • Detailed shots that will capture textures, mementos, materials…

Last but not least, how do you select the right interior photographer for your home?

  • Always, always, always! check their portfolio and decide based on what you see: do you prefer brighter or darker shots; are you drawn to a certain editing style? Study how they frame their shots, the angles they favour, as well as how they go about lighting. A friend’s recommendation may be great, but you don't necessarily have to have your friend's style;;

  • Read testimonials about their work and find out about their personality: what kind of person do you feel comfortable working with?

  • Request a discovery call and get information as to their process and experience.

Images 2&3 ©Erna Drion

In conclusion, there are so many good reasons to have your home professionally photographed and any of them will do to treat yourself to this fun, meaningful experience! If you have any questions or would like more information about this very special service, please reach out via my website or drop me a line at to schedule a free 15-minute call.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Unless otherwise stated, all images ©Analia Lazzari, Spaces for Life Interiors


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