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If you live in Switzerland, chances are you have either lived or are currently living in a house with popcorn walls, technically known as Putz. And yep, just like 'Video killed the Radio Star' back in 1979, popcorn walls have killed any ambition we may have entertained of using wallpaper. Shame, if you ask me, because the wallpaper universe has come a long way...

So why are we stuck in this pickle and what can we do about it?

Well, the reason is simple and quite frankly, boils down to costs. Not only the cost of installing the wallpaper, but most importantly, the cost emerging from the labour associated with completely flattening the wall in order to render it suitable for wallpaper installation. Ufff , even that sentence itself sounded expensive!! If you're renting, forget it, no chance!

For those of you with plaster-like flat walls, go ahead and get lost in the world of wallpaper!

For the rest of us mortals who love wallpaper but are surrounded by popcorn, what's left?

Don't despair: here are some ways you can enjoy wallpaper without actually touching your walls:

1) Figure out the space where you would love to have it and take wall measurements. Head down to your local home improvement market and get a large wood plank matching the measurements. Depending on the size, you'll have to have it cut into two or three panels for easier transport. Order enough of the wallpaper of your dreams to cover the wood surface. Stick it on matching the pattern to perfection, and either rest it on the wall, or install picture hangers on the back of the wood to hang it on the wall.

You see this technique in action behind me at Lehmann's Interior. Photo credits: Erna Drion of Fotomood.


2) Go shopping for a unique large picture frame and do just that: frame your wall paper! If you're feeling overly creative, get a selection of frames and make a gallery wall featuring your Wallpaper Star in every frame. Below you see how I've used the same roll of wallpaper twice: in the first photo, in a client's guest bedroom with an antique frame. In the second photo, at a social help project, paired up with a second hand Ikea frame.


3) Another way to enjoy wallpaper is stick it to the back of a vitrine, set of built-in shelves or Ikea furniture, as you see in this example:


And, if you are a die hard rebel and still want to beat your popcorn walls with wallpaper, all the power to you! Go for a highly textured option like this:

For this teenage boy bedroom makeover we choose a brick stick-on wallpaper with relief that hid the structured walls.

In conclusion:

If you have popcorn walls, wallpaper installation is very costly in Switzerland. However, don't give up! With these cool ideas, you now know a couple of creative ways to incorporate your favourite pattern or texture to your home decor without breaking the budget. Always think outside the popcorn box!!!




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